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Advanced Products Module

Display any products in grid layouts, tabs, accordions with custom grid/list styles per module as well as best in class automatic or custom product labels. You've never seen so many product options before.
iMac iMac
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Brand: APPLE Model: IMAC-DNM
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MSI GS73 Stealth 8RF-034XTR i7-8750H 32GB 17.3'' MSI GS73 Stealth 8RF-034XTR i7-8750H 32GB 17.3''
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New Feature

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are now available for any row in the layout page builder.
This is the multi-purpose Blocks module but any other layout module can be displayed over video backgrounds.

Special Deals

Combine any modules in any grid format. Banners, Products, Sliders, HTML Blocks, etc. Display products from any category, brand, or by specifying advanced criteria such as price range, options, attributes, and many many others.
This is the sticky Notification module. You can use it for any sticky messages such as cookie notices, special promotions, or any other important messages. Gizlilik Politikası